1Are there any fees and charges?
Loan terms and conditions, fees and charges are all disclosed to you in full on the credit contract. There are no hidden costs. Details are outlined in the Online Application HERE, or you can call us on 0249 845 890.
2Are there any General Insurance requirements?
Yes. We require that your vehicle is comprehensively insured and that you provide the Certificate of Currency to us prior to us issuing a car or motorbike loan. In some cases, Australian Premier Finance can fund the upfront premiums of Optional Third Party Warranty and Insurance products of your choosing. For full details, talk to us about all the options available.
3Can I Apply for a Car Loan or Bike Loan with Australian Premier Finance?
YES. However, to be eligible for an approval - All applicants must be at least 18 years of age for a Car Loan and 23 years of age for a Motorbike Loan, AND be Australian citizens or permanent residents. If two borrowers make an application, they must be a spouse, de facto partner or an immediate relative living in the same household. We have options that allow for good credit applicants, bad credit applicants, full time workers, casual workers and single parent applicants. Of course there are many factors that help us decide if a loan would be suitable for you or not so it's important to know that we are a responsible lender - not a broker. Making an application is simple - simply click HERE or call us on 0249 845 890.
4If I have paid or unpaid defaults, or I am recently discharged from Bankruptcy, can I still apply?
Yes. But there are limits to the amounts and types of defaults that determine eligibility. Bad Credit history can often result in preventing you from getting any loan with most Lenders. We are different. We know that many people deserve a second chance - so, for many of our clients, that's what we can do. Even if you are a discharged bankrupt without further defaults since discharge or just recently Paid another Finance Default in full - APPLY ONLINE or call us on 0249 845 890.
5Is there any special conditions I should be aware about?
Yes. All loans are subject to terms, conditions, fees & charges that are fully disclosed to you in the loan contract. Australian Premier Finance always recommend you seek independent advise to ensure you are fully informed of your obligations and the loan requirements, before you accept any offer of credit.
6Single Parent Loans?
Yes, We can provide a Car or Bike Loan to Single Parents in circumstances where doing so meets your objectives and financial circumstances. Lending limits, T & C's apply for approvals. Call us on 0249 845 890 for details or apply online to find out more.
7What documents will I need to supply to support an application?
If you are eligible for a Car Loan or Bike Loan approval, you will need to supply the following minimum documents for each applicant where applicable: - Identification (Photo Drivers Licence showing your Current Residential Address, and 1 other form of non photo ID) - A minimum of 90 days (3 months) most recent bank statements for each account held by each applicant - which we can arrange online - ALL current loan statements (personal loans, short term loans, housing loans etc...) - Proof of income: - minimum of 2 most recent payslips from your employer - most recent Centrelink statement (if receiving benefits) which we can arrange online - Rental statement or Letter of board signed by the landlord (with amount of board paid/week - name, address & phone number of the landlord and state how long you have been boarding at the address) - 2 x references (Full name, address & phone number of 2 people – at different addresses) Don't Worry if you don't have all these when you apply. We will help you to get these in a time frame that works for you. So it's OK to get started with an application. Click HERE or call us on 0249 845 890.