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What a great day for ride! – Australian Premier Finance
July 4, 2022
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Love Your Car
July 4, 2022

“But I Really Need That Car!” – Australian Premier Finance

Australian Premier Finance

Michelle* and her husband  were in need of updating the family car to a larger one – a 7 seat people mover. They found the car that suited their needs and then sought finance to buy it. They both had good credit history’s and employment, but found the car wasn’t an acceptable security to other lenders. They had a dilemma. They found the car but not the finance?  – That was until they found APF. After making an application, supplying the documents required and getting the approval for the car they wanted. Kylie and her family drove away in the car they chose and with the car loan they accepted to make it all happen for them.

(* clients real name changed to protect their privacy)

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